Do you need to consult us? Ask yourself following questions?
  • Do you remain tense on edge most of the tme?
  • Do you feel fatigued without any physical or medical reasons?
  • Do you get pain or physical symptoms for which your GP or physician could not find any exaplanation on investigations?
  • Do you get so nervous in social situations that you feel like escaping and you avoid going to one?
  • Do you have fear of going out of home and thus become house bound?
  • Do you get anxious travelling in public transport or flying?
  • Do you get sudden attacks of anxiety which are unexpected and out of blue?
  • Do you get anxious due to repeated unwanted thoughts which are almost senseless?
  • Do you find it hard to stop unwanted senseless repeated actions of yourself e.g checking locked door several times, washing hands or counting in head again and again?
  • Have you been feeling low in your spirits, feel empty most of the time and find it hard to enjoy what you used to like and feel tired for no particular obvious reason?
  • Do you get repeated images in your head or bad dreams about life threatening trauma you had in past? Do those trigger severe anxiety and fear in you and you actively avoid any places or stimuli which can remind you of the traumatic event?
  • Do you get very suspicious about others and believe that people are after you and may harm you? Do you hearing people talking when no one is there?

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Do you need to consult us?
Ask yourself these questions?
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