Ask yourself these questions?
  Do you think that you need to cut down on alcohol? Do you get annoyed by others critisizing you for drinking? Do you feel guilty about your alcohol use?Do you drink alcohol the first thing after waking up in the morning?
Do you find it difficult to control your drinking?
Do you felt compelled to drink?
Do you get withdrawal symptoms if you dont drink or do you have to drink to prevent having withdrawal symptoms?
Did you have to increase your alcohol intake over the period of time in in order to get the same effect?.
If you have managed to stop alcohol in past but restarted it did you very quickly go back to same quantity of alcohol  as before?
Have you been neglecting other aspects of life (social, work and recreation) because of time spent in drinking or recovering from drinking?
Do you continue to drink inspite of clear evidence that drinking has coused harms to you?

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